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Frequently Asked Questions

Clueless about what's going on? Check out our FAQ for the answers! 


Clueless about what's going on? Check out our FAQ for the answers! 

  • About PlayOn Cherry
  • About Your Purchase
  • About PlayOn Events
  • About PlayOn Quests
  • Cherries Redemption

Do I use my Cherry account to login here?

No, you can't. You'll need to sign up for a PlayOn account in order to participate activities at this site, including purchase of ePINs. Your PlayOn account is not link to your Cherry account.

Do I get the reward when I top up at Cherry official website?

No, you don't. Only purchases and activities done within this site are eligible for the reward.

Can I use Cherries at the official website?

No, you can't. Cherries is strictly to be used within this PlayOn Cherry website.

Is Cherries same as CC?

No, "Cherries" is reward points used in PlayOn Cherry website, it is not the same as "CC".

Where do I check my reward and level?

Click on "Quests & Rewards" tab found on the bottom left of your screen. You'll need to be logged in to your PlayOn account in order to view your current level and Cherries balance.

Why the customer support is not able to answer issues of my Cherry account?

Our PlayOn Cherry customer support does not have the access to the Cherry account system. Our customer support will not be able to assist you on issues that are not related to your PlayOn Cherry account.

Do I get the physical card delivered to me?

If you are purchasing our digital products such as Cherry Credits ePINs or merchants' game card, you won't be getting any physical item delivered. All digital products are distributed and consumed online. Unless otherwise stated that the product is a physical goods, no physical items will be delivered.

How do I receive my ePINs?

You will receive your ePINs via email upon successful purchase. For CC ePINs, a serial number and security code will be delivered to your registered email account (for PlayOn account), together with a link where you can download the eCard design you have chosen. For merchants' game card, you will receive the ePIN code in the same way.

Do I get a copy of the eCard designs when I purchase them?

Yes. There will be a link for you to download the eCard design you have selected delivered in the email that contains the ePIN you purchased.

Where do I charge my ePIN?

For CC ePINs, visit our official website at, click on "Cherry Credits Prepaid Card / ePIN", enter the serial number and security code to charge your ePIN.

For merchants' game card, refer to the redemption instruction found on the product page. 

Where do I apply my discount voucher?

You will need to apply your discount coupon code during your checkout. Paste the code in the "Discount coupon" box found at the checkout screen to offset your purchase with the discount value.

Can I use multiple coupons in one purchase?

No, you can't.

I generated the exact amount of discount coupon for my total bill, why I can't offset the full amount with the coupon? 

Service fee can't be offset with discount coupon. You'll need to exclude service fee when generating  discount coupon to offset full bill.

Do I get back the balance if my purchase is less than the coupon amount I generated?

No. Extra amount from coupon will be forfeited if you decided to use it on a purchase that is of lesser value than the coupon amount.

Can I refund my purchase?

Unless otherwise specified, any form of digital products, including but not limited to gift card, product serial code, game points and CC ePIN purchased into the your PlayOn account is non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable.

You are required to submit a request to us on any faulty or damaged goods. Failure to do so will automatically forfeit the customer's right to make any refund or exchange.

What are the payment modes supported at PlayOn Cherry?

Currently, we support payment using PayPal, PayNow (Singapore only) and CoinPayments (cryptocurrency payment).

Why the Event Ticket for Cherry Harvest cost $88?

You will need to exchange the event coupon with Cherries to redeem 100% value for the Event Ticket. Each event coupon requires 500 Cherries.

To redeem event coupon:

1. Login to your PlayOn account.

2. Click on "Quests & Rewards" tab found on the bottom left of your screen.

3. Then, click on the 3rd row, Cherries > Redeem Now.

4. Click on "Redeem" button for "Free Product Event Ticket" (500 Cherries needed).

5. Copy the coupon code and apply it when you checkout the Event Ticket.

Why I can only redeem 1 Event Ticket for Cherry Harvest?

In order to make sure everyone has an equal chance of getting the tickets, each user can only checkout 1 Event Ticket at any point of time. If you wish to redeem more ticket, you will need to perform multiple checkout. 

I don't have enough Cherries, can I still join the Cherry Harvest event?

Unfortunately, you can't. You may wish to participate in Cherry Bonanza instead, it's free for all! Alternatively, collect more Cherries, visit "GET STARTED > Level Up & Cherries Guide" to learn how.

Why I can't participate in Cherry Bonanza?

Your account level is probably lower than level 3. You will need to be minimum of level 3 in order to participate in Cherry Bonanza. Go to GET STARTED > Tutorial to find out how you can level your account.

Why I have not receive my prize after I won in the event?

Do allow us up to 5 working days to process the event result and crediting work. You shall receive your prize within 5 working days after the result been announced. Contact our customer support if you did not receive your prize after 5 working days upon result announcement.

Where do I view my unlocked eCards?

1. Login to your PlayOn account.

2. Click on "Quests & Rewards" tab found on the bottom left of your screen.

3. Then, click on the "Badges" icon to check on the collection status of the eCards.

The eCard design that I wanted is currently out of stock, when will the stock be back?

As long as the design is not a limited edition, it will get restocked every Monday and Thursday.

For limited edition, once out of stock it will not be restocked. But do look out for re-launches in the future on these limited edition cards.

What should I do if my card did not lit up after I have successful purchase it?

Please file a report using the "Fault Report" form found at the footer. We will verify and rectify for you.

How do I redeem discount voucher?  

Click on "Quests & Rewards" tab found on the bottom left of your screen. 

Then, click on the 3rd row, Cherries > Redeem Now.

Indicate the amount to redeem (min. 1,000 Cherries for SGD 1 discount value).

Copy the coupon code and use it during your checkout to offset your purchase with the discount value.

What is "Free Product Event Ticket" for?

This is for the redemption of Event Ticket, you will need to exchange Cherries for this coupon in order to redeem your event ticket.

I accidentally redeemed the wrong amount of Cherries.

Once coupon is generated, it can't be reversed. You can only try to ultilise your discount coupon to your best.