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Your Cherry WINDFALL

Your effort in leveling up had bestow you the chance of getting windfall of Cherries!  

Current Bonanza Ends In...


Draw Date: 4 November 2020


88,000 Cherries


38,000 Cherries


18,000 Cherries

More Prizes

20x 8,800 Cherries

50x 3,800 Cherries

100x 1,800 Cherries

200x 880 Cherries

Bring It On!

What is Cherry Bonanza?

Ever dreamed of getting a windfall? Hang in tight. It could just hit you! 

At PlayOn Cherry, every now and then we have excess cherries to giveaway. Totally free. No gimmicks. All you need to do is to Register for it. 

Your level determines the number of chances you have to win the prizes. i.e. Player A at Level 6 will have 6 chances to win. 

Still grinding? No worries, registration ends 48 hours before the draw event. 

How To Participate?

Fill in this form to register yourself for the Cherry Bonanza. 


Minimum level 3 and above is required

Submission for this draw close on: 2 November 2020

Terms & Conditions

• Registration ends on 48 hours before actual draw date.

• PlayOn account has to be minimum of level 3 to be eligible for the draw.

• All timings stated are in the GMT +8 time zone. 

• Each account would have x number of chances (1 Chance per level).

• Lucky winners would be credited with the prizes within 5 working days after draw result is announced.  

• Users have to ensure the accuracy of the information submitted for the draw. Else, Cherry owns the right to forfeit the prize(s) for incomplete/inaccurate information submitted.

• Terms and conditions are subjected to change without prior notice.