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Enjoy 5% Cherries Rebate Storewide & Surprise Bonus Rebates!

The Christmas deal is now on at PlayOn Cherry! From 20 December (1200HRS GMT +8) to 26 December (2359HRS GMT +8), enjoy 5% Cherries rebate with any CC ePINs purchase on PlayOn Cherry, PLUS, a sure-win additional 1% to 5% Cherries rebate for your purchased ecards!

On 27 December 1200HRS GMT +8, all available ecards in store will be randomly assigned a bonus % of Cherries rebate and announced, users who purchased the ecards during the promotion period (20 December 2021 to 26 December 2021) will get the assigned bonus % of Cherries rebates.

For example, Adam purchased 3 cards, #1, #2 and #3. On 27 December, the assigned bonus % for card #1 is 2%, card #2 is 5% and for card #3 is 1%.  Adam will enjoy additional 2% Cherries rebate for card #1 he purchased, 5% for card #2 and 1% for card #1.

Additional Cherries rebate will be credited to winners within 3 working days after 27 December 2021.

Grab your ePINs at the store now to enjoy the deal!

P.S.: All Limited Edition cards restocked! Grab them if you had missed them, before they run out again!