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Premium Event Ticket (get for FREE with 1,000 Cherries)
CNY Harvest 24.2.21DNSEA X PlayOn 31.12.20CNY Harvest 21.2.24
[{"label":"DNSEA X PlayOn 31.12.20","color1":"#d6d6d6","color2":"","image":"","custom":true,"undefined":"color"}]

Premium Event Ticket

Event Ticket is for the participation of Cherry Harvest event of the above selected date. 

You will need to redeem your event coupon at "Quests & Rewards" with 1,000 Cherries in order to redeem this event ticket at $0.00 during checkout. Each checkout only allows 1 event ticket. You will need to do multiple checkouts if you wish to redeem more than 1 event ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I cannot redeem more than 1 ticket at a time?

This is to prevent hogging of tickets upon opening of sales. Each user should have fair chance of redeeming the ticket.  

What is event coupon?

Event coupon is a code that is redeemable via "Quests & Rewards" with Cherries. This code is essential for redeeming the event ticket.