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Event Ticket (get for FREE with 500 Cherries)

Event Ticket

Event Ticket is for the participation of Cherry Harvest event of the above selected date

You will need to redeem your event coupon at "Quests & Rewards" with 500 Cherries in order to redeem this event ticket at $0.00 during checkout. Each checkout only allows 1 event ticket. You will need to do multiple checkouts if you wish to redeem more than 1 event ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I cannot redeem more than 1 ticket at a time?

This is to prevent hogging of tickets upon opening of sales. Each user should have fair chance of redeeming the ticket.

What is event coupon?

Event coupon is a code that is redeemable via "Quests & Rewards" with Cherries. This code is essential for redeeming the event ticket.