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DNSEA X PlayOn Cherry Harvest, a harvest not to be missed!

This December, we present our first Cherry Harvest, together with DNSEA, we bringing you over SGD 4,500 worth of prizes!

 1st prize - 100,000 Cherries + DNP 600,000

2nd Prize - 80,000 Cherries + Desert Dragon Nest Accessories 4 parts + Conversion Special Armor (W/T/D) Set

3rd Prize - 50,000 Cherries + Snowleopard

This is definitely a harvest not to be missed! Get your Cherry Harvest Premium Ticket now at Cherry Harvest page!

Each premium ticket cost 1,000 Cherries, you'll need to redeem your free product coupon code with Cherries first in order to redeem the premium ticket. You may redeem more than 1 ticket to increase your chance of winning.

Good luck and have fun!